Employee and Member Volunteerism

The PPS Foundation is involved in mobilising employees and members to take an active part in sustainable social responsibility initiatives. Although our primary focus is education, we encourage and support initiatives coordinated by employees in their personal capacity.

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In some ways, nothing is more at the heart of what the PPS Foundation does than Employee Volunteerism. After all, it would not matter how many inspired initiatives or ambitious programmes we launched if the employee volunteers did not give of their own time, effort and energy to see those ideas through to completion. It is that spirit of community, of Ubuntu, that drives the PPS Foundation; something we want to see woven into the DNA of the PPS Group as a whole. Mutuality inspires us to foster partnerships with like-minded individuals and organisations.

We passionately support projects that effect a positive change in the communities where our employees live and work and see these acts of service as contributing to building the moral fibre of South Africa.

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Employee and Member Volunteerism

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